zl70102ZL70102 is an IC (MICS-band Transceiver Chip) that I was very much involved with when I worked at Zarlink Semiconductor.

In 2011 Zarlink was sold to Microsemi and the design center in Järfälla was closed, so I had to find a new job. The office in San Diego continued working with the design. Now you can buy an updated version called ZL70103 from Microsemi. (You can still buy the older chips if you want to.)

The difference between the chips are that 2 low-speed data-rates have been added (18.18 and 40 kbit/s). This was something that we already had developed and tested (but not activated) for the ZL70102. (For the ZL70102 the data-rates was 18.18 and 36.36 kbit/s.) So for some reason they have made the chip more complex by adding an additional barker divider without gaining very much.

The plans we had before the Järfälla design center was closed was to add lots of new functionality and call the new chip ZL70110. But I think Microsemi made the right decision (since the original design-team wasn’t working for Microsemi) by just adding something that was already developed. Now they had a new chip with new functionality (and with some “features” removed) without doing a major redesign.

About P-O

Per-Olof Bergstedt is a very experienced Digital Designer with an additional knowledge of computers and internet. His specialties are Verilog, VHDL, System Verilog, ASIC, Digital Design, Perl, Linux, Unix. He is currently working for BitSim.

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