Manufacturing in space

ACME Advanced Materials Inc. is a company (probably the first) who is manufacturing commercial products in space. They buy low quality wafers and send them into space (suborbital) where they perform a healing process. Then they sell the wafers for a higher price. At least that is the idea.

Maybe in the future, more of the manufacturing processes should be made in microgravity to improve the quality of the wafers. Maybe even chip manufacturing can be improved by reducing the number of defects if moved to space. At least there are no quakes like there are in Taiwan.

In the future, raw materials for manufacturing may be found in space. Planetary Resources, Inc is already talking about mining asteroids.

Asteroid Mining – Image from NASA – Public Domain

Back to ACME Advanced Materials. Can any customers confirm that their process works? Do they even have a web-page? Are they just fishing for investors now? I found them on Twitter, but that is a new account with poor graphics.

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